John Oates reveals 'it was a miracle' band 'lasted that long'

John Oates is gearing up to release his new album, 'Reunion' on May 17

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John Oates reveals 'it was a miracle' band 'lasted that long'

John Oates just recalled the relationship he had with former bandmate Daryl Hall, before their bond was tainted.

The 76-year-old musician spoked to PEOPLE for this week’s issue, recalling the “unbelievable memories” he has had with Hall.

After the whirlwind success their band, Daryl & Hall received during the 1970s and ‘80s, he expressed how proud he is of the work that he has done.

“[It was] an experience that cannot be replicated. A real bond between two young guys who were trying to achieve something and found a partner who could help do that,” he said.

Oates continued, “It really very seldom happens in life. So I’m extremely proud and grateful, and really, I have a lot of respect for the body of work that we created and the unbelievable experiences that we had together.”

And even though, it has been years since Oates and Hall made their debut, his forthcoming solo album Reunion, to be released on May 17, is prove that things can change after a long time too.

“At the same time, after 50 years, people grow apart. And I always thought it was a miracle that it lasted that long,” John Oates concluded.