'Young Sheldon' creator describes the last day on set

'Young Sheldon' showrunner reveals the scenes of the sitcom ended as the last episode will air on May 16

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'Young Sheldon' creator describes the last day on set

On the final farewell of Young Sheldon, there were fewer tears as the team of the CBS comedy bid each other goodbye on a stunning, joyful night.

Giving a peek into celebrating the seven seasons-long journey, its co-showrunner Steve Holland told People that scores of attendance were in an "upbeat celebratory mode."

He continued, "There'd been a lot of tearful farewells up to that point, so I think people were ready to have a good time." 

To remember the time on the show, Steve said a slideshow was set up in which photos over the years was shown.

"They had asked for people to send their photographs from over the years, and they had a big slideshow going on several screens throughout the thing of people's personal pictures from behind the scenes and from on set."

He noted, "[The slideshows] really gave this different sort of perspective." 

"You really see time passing, because you really see these kids going from children to young adults. You'll see … they just looked so impossibly young seven years ago."