Emma Stone reveals the first thing she looks for in movies

Emma Stone opens up about her selection of roles for films that are often sans message

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Emma Stone reveals the first thing she looks for in movies 

For Emma Stone, a movie with a message is not necessarily the one she would go on to act. Instead, she says what drives her to choose roles is based on the characters. 

Appearing at Venice for his director Yorgos Lanthimos new film, the Oscar winner opened up about a question of her contribution to feminism.

"How do you think I contribute to feminism?" she added, "I'm a feminist, and I like working with Yorgos Lanthamos. I guess that's activism."

Besides, Emma dismissed the notion she was the Greek filmmaker's muse. Rather she said, "He's my muse."

The 35-year-old noted, "I feel like I can do anything with him because we've worked together so many times." 

Adding, "I trust him beyond the trust I've had with any director, and I've been lucky to work with great directors."

In the meantime, Yorgos latest film Kind of Kindess was premiered at the prestigious festival. The movie stars Jesse Plemons, Willem Dafoe and Margaret Qualley.