Sophie Turner admits having 'palate of a two-year-old'

Sophie Turner participated in the 'Great British Test' to identify different take-out foods

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Sophie Turner admits having 'palate of a two-year-old'

Sophie Turner just revealed how she is a picky eater and might not be the most enthusiastic foodie.

In a new video filmed for British Vogue, the 28-year-old actress took on the outlet’s Great British Test: The Takeaway Edition challenge and stated that she had the “palate of a 2-year-old.”

Turner was served up multiple takeout foods to try and determine what they were, blindfolded.

At one point the actress was served a battered sausage which she immediately recognized saying, “Oh yeah. That's good,” she raved, adding, “I have the palate of a 2-year-old, so I like it salty. And other than that, I don't really want anything else on it."

This challenge fitted the Game of Thrones alum as she previously revealed that she is all about getting food to go since she lack a bit in cooking skills.

“I love takeaways. I live for takeaways. I spend most of my life ordering takeaways,” she said.

Sophie Turner continued, “I'm not the best cook in the world. I'll cook for my kids, but that's about it. I won't cook for myself 'cause I know it's gonna be rubbish.”