Drew Barrymore believes animals are 'scientifically' good for humans

Drew Barrymore argues animals are beneficial for humans' peace of mind

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Drew Barrymore believes animals are 'scientifically' good for humans

Animals make Drew Barrymore happy as she expresses her thoughts of keeping them close to bringing warmth, humour, and joy, which, she says, is somewhat scientifically connected.

During an interview with People, the E.T star said animals made humans feel good.

"I always find, whether it's on the show or in a magazine or on social media, nostalgia, like animals, give this sense of warmth and humor and joy. "

She continued, "We need that in the world, we need that, probably very scientifically, we need that hit of something very positive in our brain as we're processing the world at large, as well as our own unique little journeys that are always filled with a lot of pressures and a lot of taking care of people, and a lot of trying to navigate everything."

Making a case for animals, Drew said they can let our worries go and are not very demanding.

"I just think animals are the antidote to everything, they just make us feel so good," noting, "Unlike a lot of things that make us feel good too, they're not very demanding either. We're so lucky to have them."