Britney Spears to become 'better' amid 'drug' use

Britney Spears opens up about her goals as reports paint disturbing image of her

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Britney Spears to become better amid drug use
Britney Spears to become 'better' amid 'drug' use

Britney Spears has taken a vow that is to become a better person, as sources claim she is using drugs.

Taking to Instagram, the Toxic hitmaker shares her thoughts with her followers in a mirror selfie, "Majestic teachings — The word of the week for me is Intention … What are your intentions ??? I wanna be a better person and be more gentle in the way I speak to myself !!!".

It marks a positive message from the Grammy winner amid the unstable news she was covered with.

Starting with her alleged drama at the Chateau Marmont, where it was said her foot was injured during a dispute with her reported partner, Paul Richard Soliz.

Not to mention, the insiders sound alarm over what they say is an urgent need for a new conservatorship as they believe the mother-of-two is doing drugs, according to OK! Magazine.

Britney, however, strongly denied this, saying she was completely fine.

"I honestly wish my life was as wild as it has been portrayed !!! Either way, some ---- actually has happened to my foot and I might have to get surgery ... fingers crossed, hopefully not but I feel that I was harassed and gaslit and tricked to go on the street when my car was supposed to be there !!!" she wrote.