Hugh Jackman shocks agent with secret 'Deadpool & Wolverine' decision

Hugh Jackman revealed he wanted to do this 'Deadpool & Wolverine' with Ryan Reynolds

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Hugh Jackman shocks agent with secret Deadpool & Wolverine decision
Hugh Jackman shocks agent with secret 'Deadpool & Wolverine' decision

Hugh Jackman has made his return to his iconic Wolverine role in the upcoming movie Deadpool 3 or Deadpool & Wolverine.

During his recent interview with Fandango, Jackman shared that his decision was so sudden, he didn't even inform his agent.

The X-Men actor, who previously stated he was done with Wolverine character after the 2017 film Logan, had a change of heart with Deadpool & Wolverine.

"I was on my way, I was just driving, and literally, just like a bolt of lightning, came this knowing deep in my gut that I wanted to do this film with Ryan [Reynolds]" Jackman said referring to the Deadpool actor.

He added, "For Deadpool and Wolverine to come back together. I swear to you, When I said I was done, I really thought I was done. But in the back of my head, ever since I saw Deadpool 1, I was like, ‘Those two characters together.’ I knew it, I knew the fans wanted it ever since I put on the claws, people talked about these two. So, that had always been there, but I just knew."

Jackman shared that he called Reynolds immediately to confirm his participating and then ring his agent, saying, "I had to ring my agent and said, ‘Oh, by the way, I have just committed to a movie."

Deadpool & Wolverine, directed by Shawn Levy, is set to hit theaters on July 26.