Bachelor star Joey Graziadei shares what scared him about the show

Joey Graziadei confesses why he almost didn't want to do join the Bachelor

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The Bachelor's Joey Graziadei has spilled the beans on his initial reluctance with joining the show.

Appearing on June 10 episode of Jason Tartick’s Trading Secrets podcast, the reality star candidly revealed how he was 'scared' of the success rate of couples coming off of The Bachelor.

“I think that I am smart enough to realize that, I question how can I actually have a very strong relationship if I'm gonna be trying to figure out the relationship on TV?” Graziadei said.

But looking forward, Graziadei feels like 'the luckiest bachelor' because appearing on the show brought him to his fiancée Kelsey Anderson.

While he confessed to having 'zero regrets' and called meeting Anderson 'the best decision' he ever made, Graziadei iterated that he would have been more comfortable keeping his relationship private.

“We've said multiple times, we wish we met in a bar. Like, that would have been the more ideal situation,” the tennis pro continued.

“But we haven't, and we would have never met each other if it wasn't for this. So for that, we are so grateful, and now we're just doing our best to navigate a very weird situation.”

However, Graziadei is certain that 'good things' came from it. “We've just been trying to have a good perspective.”

While both Graziadei and Anderson have taken a step back from the careers they had prior to going on TV, he said they remain 'open to see what's coming.'

The now-engaged couple hopes to relocate to New York City by the end of the year as they embrace their lives together publicly.