Ben Affleck to follow in Tom Brady footsteps for Jennifer Lopez split: Source

An insider shares new findings about Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck' imminent divorce

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Photo: Ben Affleck to follow in Tom Brady footsteps for Jennifer Lopez split: Source

Ben Affleck is reportedly taking inspiration from the divorce of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen to part ways from Jennifer Lopez.

As fans will know, many well-placed sources have confirmed that the duo is ready to call it quits after two troublesome years of marriage.

Now, a new source told Closer Magazine, “Ben has been grappling with this decision for ages, but by the time he actually moved out, he’d already been through all the scenarios and emotionally accepted that splitting was the best decision. “

Nonetheless, they shared Ben’s good intentions for Jennifer that “the last thing he wants to do is hurt J-Lo – he still loves and respects her.”

“And of course, the family situation comes into this heavily, which is why he’s agreed to do this in a civilised and loving way, just like he did with Jennifer Garner,” the referred to Ben’s first divorce with the mother of his three children as well.

The tipster added about the couple, “Before they file paperwork and officially call it quits, they’re going to get all their ducks in a row, which seems to be the standard practice in Hollywood these days.”

“Ben’s goal is to do the same as Tom Brady and Gisele – get everything arranged and settled before filing so there’s no messy court battle,” the insider revealed about the Daredevil alum.