Jon Bon Jovi reveals he is 'getting back' to performing live music

Jon Bon Jovi underwent surgery for his loose vocal cords in June 2022

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Jon Bon Jovi reveals he is 'getting back' to performing live music 

Jon Bon Jovi just expressed his willingness to get back on stage to perform post his vocal cord surgery.

In an exclusive conversation with PEOPLE magazine, the rock icon opened up about returning to live music and performances.

At the celebration his band, Bon Jovi’s opening of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's latest exhibit centered around them, when he the 62-year-old artist was asked if he is reclaiming his voice with, Forever, the band’s latest record, he responded, "I guess I am."

While addressing his live performances, Jon Bon Jovi stated, "We performed last night in Nashville, and everything was very good."

"So step by step, I'm getting back to it," the Never Say Goodbye rocker added, explaining his progress.

The rockstar first opened up his vocal cord issues and the struggles in his career that came along with it, in his new docuseries, Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story.

Jon Bon Jovi detailed how his issues started arising in around 2015 and how he kept ignoring them until he had a “devastating” conversation with his wife, Dorothea Hurley, while on tour in 2022.