Rihanna's family marks a major special day for the first time

Rihanna's hubby, A$AP Rocky features in an ad campaign highlighting parenthood on Father's Day

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Rihanna's family marks a major special day for the first time

As a family of four, Rihanna and her husband and kids are celebrating their first Father's Day with an ad campaign that highlights the bond between them.

For Bottega Veneta, the pair's two kids alongside with their father were featured in a black-and-white photography called the Portraits of Fathers and set in a home-like setting.

Weighing in on the fatherly shoot, A$AP said, "This is me embodying and embracing fatherhood, parenthood, companionship, and family while still working on all aspects of my career."

The 35-year-old added these photos showed a side of him embracing parenthood that was unattended in his culture.

"I don't think there are many people in my culture who advocate for fatherhood and parenthood. This player persona is very pushed," he continued. 

"When you think about a rapper, you think about adolescence, about the single bachelor lifestyle. When you think about A$AP Rocky, you think about a playboy, pretty boy, bras being thrown on stage."

A$AP shared, "This is about me as one-woman man, as a family man. It is about what completes my life now: being present as a partner and a parent," noting it "shows the sincerity of my place and interactions as a father."

Not to mention, the brand made the Am I Dreaming rapper their brand ambassador.

Started as friends, Rihanna and A$AP became romantically involved and were confirmed in 2020. The pair shares two kids.