Chahat releases second rendition of viral Bado Badi – but not on YouTube

"After Bado Badi 2, I will be releasing Bado Badi 3, Bado Badi 4, Bado Badi 5 and so on," he says

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Chahat Fateh Ali Khan gestures in the video of the song "Bado Badi 2" released on June 16, 2024. — Screengrab via Facebook/Chahat Fateh Ali Khan

LONDON: British-Pakistani viral sensation Chahat Fateh Ali Khan has released Bado Badi 2, the second rendition of his viral song on Eid ul Adha, but he has decided not to upload the song on YouTube.

Chahat told Geo News he will not be using the song on YouTube in order to avoid being in trouble again. Last week, YouTube deleted the Bado Badi hit version of Chahat after it had gathered nearly 30 million views.

The new version features a new model and her name is not known yet. The original video had featured model Wajdan Rao who fell out with Chahat making accusations that the singer paid her only Rs5,000 for her work.

The Bado Badi 2 has been released on Chahat’s official Facebook, X, and Instagram accounts.

Chahat said that he will be releasing a series of Bado Bado versions.

"After Bado Badi 2, I will be releasing Bado Badi 3, Bado Badi 4, Bado Badi 5 and so on. I will not be releasing these on YouTube because there are jealous people out there who want my channel not to grow."

Chahat said he has already engaged lawyers to speak to YouTube to get the viral original restored.

At the London press conference on the weekend to release his film Sabaq and the Bado Badi 2, Chahat copied Wajdan Rao’s style of accusing him hilariously and then responded to the accusations made by Wajdan Rao.

The singer said: “I gave her a chance in the six songs, no one knew her before my songs. I gave her work in 6 songs in the last 2.5 years and now she’s crying that I will not work with Chahat Fateh Ali Khan. I didn’t know what happened when my friend informed me that she had been giving interviews against me.

"I called her and asked the reason, and she said, ‘I was doing this just for the views’, upon which I said, you are already very famous now, you don’t need to do such cheap stunts after getting famous. I didn’t have any contract with her, I gave her five thousand which I gave to my models, I also arranged a dinner, and after that, I gave her a drop at her house through a rickshaw ride.

Further, replying to her accusation that she feels threatened by him, he said that he’s harmless and has never killed any housefly in his life.

He also advised Wajdan Rao to cash the fame positively and work in the media industry. “I ask her to work hard instead of shedding tears to gain followers. She told me she is doing this for fame, in my name.”

Chahat appealed to his fans to watch his debut film ‘Sabaq’ on his YouTube channel, which he released on Eid day. Directed by Faraz Ahmed, Sabaq delves into the themes of classical singing, crimes, love and the world of social media influencers.

Faraz Ahmed said: “Chahat is a great entertainer and a huge talent. This film is a tribute to his talent and this launches him formally as an actor. His singing has won praised and laughter but his acting debut casts him in a different light. He is a brilliant actor and a pro.”