John Cena plans on staying 'physically active until I can't'

John Cena discussed his fitness plans that he wants to pursue until he reaches his 'late 80s or 90s'

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John Cena plans on staying 'physically active until I can't'

John Cena just detailed what plans he has for his old age.

In an exclusive conversation with PEOPLE magazine, the 47-year-old former wrestler discussed how his approach to fitness has shifted over the years, his lifestyle remains the same.

As the WWE star reflected on how his goals have evolved throughout the years, he told the outlet, “When I was a young 12-year-old, it was to look muscular so I couldn't get beat up. And then as a late teen, it was to be strong so I could play sports.”

“And then as a young 20-something, I wanted to aesthetically look good just to keep myself disciplined,” the Suicide Squad star added.

Then, after landing the “job opportunity of a lifetime” in 1998 as a professional wrestler, his focus shifted to being a really strong over-the-top entertainer.

“At 47 now, my goal is to be physically active until I can't. I put a number in my head of like, I'd like to be physically active into my late 80s or 90s. To do a parallel squat in my late 80s,” John Cena clarified, enunciating how he plans on keeping fitness a part of his life.