Daniel Radcliffe talks about infant son's acting debut

Daniel Radcliffe breaks down what he’d think of his son’s rise to fame

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Daniel Radcliffe talks about infant son’s acting debut

Daniel Radcliffe has just tugged at some heartstrings while revealing his hopes and dreams for his son’s future.

The conversation arose while chatting with E! News where the 34 year old got candid about his son potentially following in his own footsteps.

For those unversed, Radcliffe rose to fame at the tender age of 12 in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

In regards to what he wants for his own little one however the actor admitted, that he wasn’t keen on getting in his son’s way if he chooses to act, but there were a number of reservations in his mind about him wanting to follow in his own footsteps.

All in all, “Not unless he really wants to,” the actor admitted to the outlet.

“I don't wanna stop him from doing that, but if you can do something other than acting - if you can do something behind the scenes, it's a lot healthier life in a lot of ways.”

He also added, “I dunno, if he can act and not be famous, then great, I can encourage it.”

Before concluding the star also dished on how much fatherhood’s changed him during the conversation and claimed, “We don't have time [to list all the ways]! It's the best, it really is. I cry a lot more, in a nice way. But it's just the best thing that ever happened to me.”