Kelly Ripa reveals anxiety to use public restroom

The American actress opened up about her unusual encounters with fans while in a public toilet

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Kelly Ripa reveals anxiety to use public restroom

Kelly Ripa candidly talked about her anxiety about using the public restroom.

During the recent episode of Live With Kelly and Mark, aired on Thursday, June 20, the 53-year-old TV personality shared her struggles to use a public restroom after a fan encounter.

While sharing her experience she said that her “tremendous performance anxiety" takes over whenever she tries to use a public restroom.

The talk show host said, "When [I] go into the restroom, and I will hear, 'That's Kelly Ripa!' Now, I can't go.”

“Even though I have to go desperately," she added.

Moreover, her husband and co-host asked her, "Do you continue to listen to see what they're saying?”

Ripa answered by saying, “At that point, I'm just so panic-stricken because I have to pee and it's not coming out, and I'm in there longer, and now they're in there also longer, and we're all in there longer."

“I feel like saying, 'Guys, can you run the water or something?'" the American actress continued.

For those unversed, Ripa and Consuelos have been married for almost 30 years and welcomed three kids together.