Celine Dion revels she 'could have died' amid SPS battle

Celine Dion candidly discussed battling sever pain amid SPS in new documentary, 'I Am Celine Dion'

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Photo: Celine Dion revels she could have died amid SPS battle
Photo: Celine Dion revels she 'could have died' amid SPS battle

Celine Dion shared painful details about her struggles while battling with stiff person syndrome.

While detailing her condition in new documentary, I Am Celine Dion, the singing sensation recalled coming close to death.

As per the latest report of The Mirror, Celine was consuming high amounts of Valium to keep muscle spasms and stiffness.

The 56-year-old disclosed in the new release, "I was taking 80mg to 90mg of valium a day,” adding “That’s just one medicine” she was using to ease the pain.

“I don’t want to sound dramatic but I could have died. I was taking those medicines because I needed to walk. I need to be able to swallow. I needed medicine to function,” she said revealing that she wanted to live a happy life despite her symptoms.

“One more pill, two more pills, five more pills. Too many pills. The show must go on,” she added in a breaking voice and concluded the chat.

It is pertinent to mention here that Celine was diagnosed with this rare condition in 2022, and during the documentary she also confessed hiding her condition from her fans since her diagnosis.