Tish Cyrus expresses it was 'so cool' to take therapy with husband Dominic

Tish Cyrus and Dominic Purcell tied the knot in August 2023

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Tish Cyrus expresses its was so cool to take therapy with husband Dominic
Tish Cyrus expresses its was 'so cool' to take therapy with husband Dominic 

Tish Cyrus just opened up about how quickly she and her husband, Dominic Purcell got close to each other.

The 57-year-old Sorry We’re Stoned host discussed how she and Dominic went to therapy together just after two weeks of dating, in Tish’s new episode of the podcast.

Tish, who is mother to the Grammy-winning songstress, Miley Cyrus, explained how she “had such a fear of being alone,” ever since her divorce form ex-husband, Billy Ray Cyrus.

However, she recalls being drawn to Dominic after they connected with each other via Instagram.

“He was just so different in every aspect of the relationship that I had been in,” she said.

Tish continued, “As a matter of fact, in the first week that we met, he had told me that he does therapy once a month, and he has for like, 20 years. I went to therapy with him. It was so cool. Like, two weeks in.”

She, then, further explained how the couple went straight into therapy, diving deep into their sessions, along with mentioning that she really appreciated Dominic’s concerns over possibly moving too quickly.