Eminem sparks new feud over 'Slim Shady' trademark: Report

Eminem reportedly owns the rights to 'Shady,' 'Shady Limited' and 'Slim Shady' trademarks

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Photo: Eminem sparks new feud over Slim Shady trademark: Report
Photo: Eminem sparks new feud over 'Slim Shady' trademark: Report

Eminem has reportedly filed a litigious strike against Gizelle and Robyn, who are Real Housewives of Potomac stars. 

For those unversed, Eminem filed an opposition against Gizelle and Robyn for using Reasonably Shady to sell various products because the trademarks, Shady, Shady Limited and Slim Shady are owned by him, per In Touch Weekly.

He also contends that if they were to use the above-mentioned name. it would imply that the products have been endorsed by him.

As per the outlet’s findings, the rapper’s lawyer said in the court’s filings, “[Robyn & Gizelle’s] mark Reasonably Shady, simply looks and sounds like Shady and suggests that it represents the services of Mathers,” Eminem’s team argued.

“Reasonably Shady so resembles Opposer’s mark Slim Shady, Shady and the mark Shady Limited in terms of appearance, sound and commercial impression as to be likely, when applied to [Robyn & Gizelle’s] goods, to cause confusion and mistake and to deceive,” the attorney also added.

Nonetheless, Roby and Gizelle argued that their brand name would not suggest Eminem’s relatability with their products. 

As per the musician’s attorney, his manager, Paul Rosenberg, had “far better understanding of the documents, marketing, and advertising than” Eminem. “Rosenberg has worked with Mathers in connection with his career continuously since at least 1997 and well before his hit album ‘The Slim Shady LP’ was first released in 1999,” the Slim Shady hitmaker’s attorney asserted.