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Friday Dec 26, 2014

Urdu Mushaira held in Dallas

DALLAS: Dallas literary organizations hosted a grand evening with famous Indian poet and recipient of Padam Shree award Professor Kalim Ajiz.

Dallas Urdu Ghar founding Chairman Dr. Amir Suleman, pioneer of Alnoor International, Dallas prominent poets Younus Ajaz, Saeed Qureshi, Shah Alam Siddiqui, Dr. Shamsa Qureshi, Mike Ghouse, Dr. Mona Kazim Shah and other local poets presented their poetry.

Prominent community leaders including Islamic Society of North America President Azhar Aziz, South Asia Democracy Watch President Air Makhani, and Directors and Media coordinator Raja Zahid Khanzada, Asif Effendi and Akbar Birani were also in attendance.

Mushaira was organized by the Co-Chairman of American Muslim Democratic Caucus, Syed Fayyaz Hassan.

Mushaira was presided by famous poet Karamat Gardezi, whereas Noor Amrohvi was the Master of Ceremony.

The event organizer Syed Fayyaz Hassan while welcoming Professor Ajiz said that such an inspirational personality is an asset to whole humanity.

Introducing Kalim Ajiz he said that history is witness his courage as he speaks truth to the powers in India with courage.

Professor Ajiz stood in front of the tyrant Indira Gandhi during imposition emergency. He presented poetry of resistance without compromising the beauty of poetic and ghazal traditions.

He used his ghazals as a medium through which he highlighted the oppression and human rights abuses at times when no one could dare say anything against Gandhi.

He said that this is a good fortune of Dallas literary circle that Kalim Ajiz himself is among us and we are hearing direct from him.

Addressing the gathering Alnoor International Chairman Noor Amrohvi said that each word in Kalim Ajiz poetry is a pearl and his ghazal is like collection of these pearls.

Famous poet Younus Ejaz said that he welcomes Professor Kalim Ajiz from Asian Writers Association platform. He said that poetry is an expression of love and harmony in a society. Though, Kalim Ajiz poetry reflects the social injustice through emotions and expressions of linguistic sensitivities which is in essence of his poetry. His expressions are acceptance of progressive mindset and rejection of failed experiments.

Urdu Ghar pioneer Dr. Amir Suleman while addressing the audience said that Kalim Ajiz poetry is an inspirations for new poets and to people who love Urdu poetry.

Concluding the mushaira the event President Karamat Gardezi said that poetry is a medium to express and to highlight the sociological phenomenon.

Professor Kalim Ajiz presented his poetry to the audience of the evening. The whole crowd went into trance at his mesmerizing words and strong expressions.

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