Saturday Oct 15, 2016

The tragedy of the missing highlighted in works of art

Be it any age, race or gender, all the imagery, audio and visual works included in this exhibit reflect the tragedy surrounding the countless who are reported missing and easily forgotten on daily basis.

A graduate of National college of Arts, Rawalpindi Campus with a major in sculpture, Ramla Fatima though a sensitive manipulation of new materials and techniques has explored society’s desensitisation to a daily horror like the disappearance of many without a trace.

In her recent body of works through the abstraction of her digital prints, collage, audio and video played in loop she compels the viewer/ listener to contemplate the phenomenon of forgotten identities and personalities which seem to evaporate in big cities like Karachi.

The taxila-born artist says taking inspiration from old broadcasts on television, radio announcements and print reports of missing people her work is based on found and staged images with the names, features and indications of those citizens.

Titled Hiatus the exhibition is curated by Muhammad Zeeshan and will continue at Sanat Gallery Karachi till October 18th.