Karachi’s 11- Art exhibition by nearly a dozen artists of the city

The exhibition by Art Chowk is all about the art professionals who live and work in Karachi

Nadia Faisal

KARACHI: With nearly a dozen artists from the metropolis strutting stuff in the exhibition the latest by Art Chowk, the gallery is all about the art professionals who live and work in Karachi. The driving force being each artist’s response to life in the big city, the 22 works on display are excitingly diverse.

Abdullah Qamer, Asad Hussain, FahimRao, FrazMateen, NabeelMajeed, Muhammad Ismail, Noman Siddique, RabiaShoaib, RaheelaAbro, Sadia Jamal and S M Raza are among the eleven Karachi-based artists participating in the show.

Boasting a line-up of eleven emerging names from the local art scene the show is a sequel to gallery’s previous exhibit called ‘Movement’, informs the participating artist Rabia Shoaib.

The Karachi-based art educator says the same group of artists from the earlier edition now present new works showing an evolution of thought and practice. Some are building on their narrative from over three years ago while others are exploring new artistic possibilities in their practice, according to Shoaib, who has experimented with mirror and canvas for her ‘Dua’ based works.

Woven together by urban concerns, the group show features a wide and varied area of art media, including painting, fibre arts, sculpture, paper, marble, metal, mixed media, installation work and more.

Among the Karachi-based artists participating in the exhibition, Assad Hussain explores mediums like acrylic on metal and embroidery on canvas for the show. Excited to be among the eleven for the second time in three years Hassan says the varied use of media and the experimental nature makes it a must-see group show.

Titled ‘Eleven 11’ the current show is a sequel to Art Chowk’s exhibition held in May 2012 called ‘movement’ with the same group of artists. It will run until February 7th, 2017.