Teefa in Trouble: Ali Zafar reveals title of his first Pakistani film

The singer-turned-bollywood star Ali Zafar revealed the name of his much-awaited debut Pakistani movie with a tweet.

Nadia Faisal

Ali Zafar gave his fans a sneak peek of the film script he received, and revealed the official film title ‘Teefa in Trouble’. The note signed off by director Ahsan Rahim urges Zafar to “kindly start training” for what promises to be an action-packed role with comedy.

The film also marks the feature film directorial debut of Ahsan Rahim who is known for directing some of the most popular music videos. Rahim who has previously worked with Ali Zafar on various music video projects announced having cast Pakistan’s heartthrob Ali Zafar as the hero of his cinematic directorial debut.

The untitled project was announced late last year by the renowned music video director who is known for his excellent comic timing. Judging from their past work together, Rahim and Zafar’s first collaboration for the film has become a highly anticipated debut for the talented director/actor duo.

The romantic action-comedy is set to go on floors by Lightingale Productions amidst much fanfare.