Qawwali Junction - A tribute to Late Amjad Sabri by the University of Karachi

Students of University of Karachi pays tribute to late Amjad Sabri

Nadia Faisal

KARACHI: Mefil-Sama recently hosted at the university of Karachi is a multipurpose initiative taken by the students to pay homage to late artiste and his legacy. Presented by the Youth Empowerment Syndicate- a student body that represents over fifty different departments of the university, the event is mainly an attempt to sensitize the youth about peace and tolerance by honoring the late Qawwal who stood for the message and poetry of Sufi saints and dedicated his life to promoting it till his untimely and tragic demise last June.

A member of the student body hosting the evening, Sheikh Shoaib says the musical tribute by Naveed Ali Sabri and Jamshed Ali Sabir attempts to honour and keep the Sabri legacy alive by bringing the message of peace and tolerance to the youth of the city.

Another member of the student syndicate Ayza Mujahid stresses the importance of not letting an amazing voice fade away so easily. Titled ‘qawwali junction’ the effort aims to amplify the Sabri legacy by maintaining and carrying it forward, adds Mujahid who is a business student at the university.