Bridal studio launch — Deepak Perwani celebrates 25 years in fashion

The studio plans a future in film and costume design as well

Nadia Faisal

Among the leading pioneers and game changers of men’s wear nationally and over two decades of creative design for women’s wear under his belt, Deepak Perwani continues his wide-ranging impact on local fashion with the launch of his bridal studio in Karachi.

Included in the achievements of his career spanning nearly 25 years are numerous awards at home and recognitions internationally. With retail presence nationwide and abroad, Perwani has represented and promoted Pakistani Fashion globally. A standing ovation at Milan fashion week, best International designer at Miami fashion week, 6th innovative design house in the world at the world Bulgarian Fashion Awards are among the many accomplishments of Perwani who has established his name as far as Malaysia and China.
Originally from Mirpur Khas the designer, who began his fashion career from Karachi in the early nineties, attributes the launch of his exclusive bridal studio in the city as the culmination and celebration of his 25 years in fashion. Starting with exclusive bridal/contour, the studio plans a future in film and costume design as well, adds Perwani who has recently been appointed as the chairperson of Fashion Pakistan Council.
Leading a fashion house creating four lines a year, Perwani chose to launch the studio with a showcase of his recent bridal line. Titled ‘Ishq’, the autumn/ winter collection styled by Tariq Amin was presented with models walking all around the studio amidst media, showbiz and who’s who of the social scene.