Sounds of Kolachi — one of a kind fusion orchestra set to launch its first ever album

Sounds of Kolachi has an all-encompassing adventuresome sound that is best experienced live

Nadia Faisal

KARACHI: A ten-piece big band based in the city, Sounds of Kolachi, appeared on the local music scene in 2014 primarily as a live act with a sound that is truly their own. With a core formation of seven, the ensemble known to acquire its cult following for amalgamating genres, cultures and styles, is also acknowledged to be experimental and unlike any other in terms of its size.

The super group of vocalists and instrumentalists from the city by the sea ever since its formation as Sounds of Kolachi has been varying its lineup flexing from a dozen to over twenty at times to fuse South Asian folk and classical worlds with layers of jazz, rock, funk and more from the Western tonality.

Ahsan Bari, the multi-talented musician and vocalist spearheading the band cum orchestra, speaking about the group’s diversity says from guitar to sitar, sarangi and a vocal quintet, Sounds of Kolachi is a unique set that unites young artists from traditions which are both eastern and western. Incorporating various styles, the band has acquired a sound that is rare and inimitable yet globally appealing, explains the multi-instrumentalist mastermind behind the band that is set to head out for its first US tour in a month or two.

Experimental to the core, Sounds of Kolachi has an all-encompassing adventuresome sound that is best experienced live, adds the lead vocalist Quaid Ahmed sharing his thoughts about the band’s journey since conception and its unique repertoire. One of the five vocalists and an integral part its core formation of seven artists, Ahmed brings his own distinct flair, passion and sound to the currently ten-piece super act.

Gearing up for the release of their much-awaited debut album called Elhaam, Sounds of Kolachi, recently performed live at the PACC Auditorium.

The concert, featuring the entire album and a few cover tunes, also marked the band’s third anniversary.