All Pakistan Music Conference 2017 — new talent shines at the 14th annual festival

The three-day All Pakistan Music conference, took place at the National academy of the performing arts this year from March 3rd to 5th

Nadia Faisal

KARACHI: Each evening a special treat, the latest edition of the three-day festival saw a host of young and emerging names immersing audiences into the timeless and ancient forms of classical arts, showcasing their explosive talents at this one of a kind festival.

APMC, establishing itself as a must-attend event dedicated to the living legends and greats of the traditional music, more significantly, with its 14th edition, has also become a forum for recognition of young talent. Displaying maturity and technical finesse much beyond their years, youngsters shining brightly from the first day to last infused a breath of fresh air into the classical music landscape throughout the conference.

A highlight of the last evening beginning with emerging players and building up to the stars, this year, includes a ‘Jugalbandi’ by clarinet player Ebaad Ali and young Sarangi Nawaz Gul Mohammad. Originally from Lahore and a member of a brass band from the city, Ali says he was introduced to classical music by Ustad Mubarak Ali Khan five years ago and has been learning the art form under his tutelage ever since.   

Gul Muhammad, on the other hand, is the son and student of the accomplished Sarangi Nawaz, Akhtar Hussain. One of the most difficult instruments to play and almost on the verge of extinction, Muhammad who has established himself as one of the country’s finest and very few Sarangi players. Well versed with Rock / Pop and other Fusion styles of Music Mohammad has featured regularly at the conference, says it's an ideal platform and has provided him with many opportunities to perform with and learn from the finest of the traditional art.

Among the youngest performers showcasing their explosive talents on Day 3, is Muslim Hassan Shaggan.  Grandson of the legendary exponent of Gwalior gharana gayaki, Ustad Ghulam Hassan Shaggan, Hassan making an impressive debut at the conference talks about the ang of his gharana and how the tradition has been carried over the generations.

Crafting new sounds from ancient classical materials Italian Musician Virginia Nicoli, with her meditative journeys through a rich landscape of melody is another major attraction of the latest edition of the music conference. Trained since childhood in western classical music, Nicoli has been studying the classical music of the subcontinent with the bansuri for over eleven years.

A living legend of the Gwalior Gharana and icon to classical music lovers, Ustad Fateh Ali Khan featuring the finale show concluded the 14th annual festival with his vocal recital.

The three-day All Pakistan Music conference, took place at the National academy of the performing arts this year from March 3rd to 5th.