Dar-e-Justuju: Calligraphic works by Mussarat Arif

The weeklong solo show is to continue till March 22nd, 2017

Nadia Faisal

KARACHI: The solo exhibition opening on Wednesday, March 16, 2017, sees the Karachi-based artist once again intently embrace the earliest and oldest form of Arabic script called ‘Kufic’ after the Iraqi city of Kufa, an early Muslim capital.

With a Diploma in Fine Arts (painting) from the Karachi School of Art in 1996, Mussarat Arif’s career spanning nearly two decades has been devoted to devoted entirely to Islamic art of calligraphy. The art of writing, specifically in Khat-e-Kufi , still plays the central role in her latest body of work which is currently on display at Artciti.

Mussarat Arif, experimental in her approach, has explored various techniques, effects and media like acrylics, watercolours, pastels and wood over the years, and chooses Oil on canvas as her primary medium of expression for her latest display. Collectively titled ‘Dar-e- Justuju’ the show representing the 18-year journey of self- discovery is her latest attempt to create highly refined calligraphy of superb beauty, says the artist.

Majesty of the Quranic verses being central to her creativity as always, the artist incorporates a range of geometric designs enriched with Islamic motifs. Bold and bright the colour palette varies from vibrant red to green, blue, ochre and black while she uses the moon and ‘Takhtee’ symbolically in her artworks in addition to ‘Ajrak’.  A local symbol ‘ the Sindhi Pattern’ which has been an integral element of her recent works, represents the deep connection an artist generally has with his or her surrounding adds the artist whose entire life and career have been rooted in the province.

Married to a fellow artist A.Q.Arif, who has also taught at the Institute of Arts and Crafts Karachi, has numerous exhibition to her credit both locally and internationally. Opening at Artciti her latest exhibition includes 36 calligraphic art pieces of ‘Kufic’ writing. The weeklong solo show is to continue till March 22nd, 2017.