Celebration of Motherhood: Artworks by Sadaf Naeem

The peculiar hue of pink notable in her paintings represents both joy and pain

Nadia Faisal

KARACHI: Titled ‘Surrounded’ the latest works displayed at Chawkandi Art by Sadaf Naeem embrace the ideas of feminism and motherhood without conflicting the two while relying on the later specifically as a source of inspiration and power simultaneously.

Her patterns mostly floral and colors vividly feminine speak of her thoughts about the transit from womanhood to motherhood and celebrate the duality of the journey both its struggles and wonders alike in all their glory.

The Lahore-based artist, practicing her craft since 2001, is known for using the simplicity of familiar to open up a world of possibilities. A Bachelor of Fine Arts from NCA and a teaching career spanning nearly a decade under her belt, Naeem working through the multiple layers of mostly oils and a few acrylics in her recent works, is once again able to create an imagery that has far more to it than its sheer visual appeal.

Adding layers of mystery, the varying textures, patterns, and forms in all her paintings conceal yet reveal an invisible, inner, and more valuable core much bigger than its effortlessly visible beauty. Creating layers after layers, her process is both spontaneous and Personal in nature, says Naeem speaking at the opening of her latest show in Karachi.

The series, depicting her notions on motherhood also delves into the idea of a new beginning, says the fine artist talking about her paintings on display. The shock and awe of the peculiar hue of pink notable in her paintings represents both joy and pain as it celebrates feminism from womanhood to motherhood in all its entirety, she adds.