God in the detail: Calligraphy by Bin Qulander

The solo show will remain open till April 17th, 2017 at the Clifton Art Gallery, Karachi

Nadia Faisal

KARACHI: On view at Clifton Art are the latest works by the Lahore-based visual artist whose true calling turned out to be calligraphy after a decade of experience in graphic designing.

Also trained in miniature painting from the National College of Arts, Lahore, the artist mentored by his late father Ghulam Rasool Qulander following the path of Sufi saints, attempts to convey its universal message of peace, love and humanity through his works based on Quranic Verses.

Emulating the spiritual path and the lifestyle of his father who rests peacefully in his eternal life, the artist originally named Tahir Mehmood is now mostly known as ‘Bin Qulander’. Speaking at the opening of his latest solo show in Karachi, Tahir Bin Qulander reveals he embraced the 'Qalandari' title upon endorsement by his mentor-father during his lifetime.

A part of the inspiration for the bold swirls on the large scale canvasses currently on display lies in his fascination with ‘Dhamaal’. Incorporating the movement, intuition and motion of the Sufi dance into his calligraphy, his primary motivation has always been nature, which he converts to his canvas to signify the awe-inspiring splendour and magnificence of the Creator, says Bin Qulander, dedicating his works to his late father Ghulam Rasool Qulander.

Graduating from the National college of Arts, Lahore with a BFA in miniature painting in 2009 prior to a Diploma in calligraphy, Bin Qulander with a career spanning ten years as a graphic designer, has participated in many groups shows since then in addition to five solo shows in Lahore, Karachi and UAE.

His latest calligraphic series titled ‘God in the Detail’ includes 43 acrylic paintings.

The solo show will remain open till April 17th, 2017 at the Clifton Art Gallery, Karachi.