Hair Show — Spring/Summer looks revealed on ramp

The series of road shows concluded with a ramp presentation in Karachi on the 24th April 17

Nadia Faisal

KARACHI: On stage for the second year in a row all the way from Beirut, internationally renowned hairstylist Tarek Rizk is back in town to present THE hair looks for the season. From blondes to brunettes to redheads, the spring summer 2017 collection revealed on ramp by the Lebanese stylist finds its inspiration in individuality; hence reflecting a colour pallet that is liberated and diverse.

Based on the latest trends and styles from across the globe, the statement hair looks through creative manipulation of cut, texture and styling with colour are all about going beyond the standardised trends says the stylist with over two decades of experience in the beauty industry.

Introducing Copper Foilyage and Nude Beige as the hair trends this summer, Rizk who presents a wide and varied range of colour pallet tailor made for each skin tone, complexion and personality during the showcase emphasises the aim is to create personalised ‘it looks’ while celebrating beauty with all its diversity and individuality.

The idea, according to the stylist, is to enhance the natural beauty of a person by being creative with just the right amount of appropriate hues without becoming a slave to season’s hot trend.

Nude make up look being all the rage this summer is another inspiration for the looks presented in the show says Rizk who is well known for styling many celebrities back home in Beirut.

Letting your natural beauty shine through with less product on the face, Hair colour is the new make up this summer, concludes Tarek Rizk who returns to Pakistan for presenting edgy and inspirational hair looks for 2017.

Tarek Rizk, in collaboration with a French Hair care company as an international technical consultant, recently conducted three road shows revealing their spring/summer hair looks for 2017.

Kicking off in Islamabad on April 17th, followed by another in Lahore, the series of road shows concluded with a ramp presentation in Karachi on the 24th April 17.