Department Store — Art opening of graduates by Muhammad Zeeshan

"Department Store" opening on Tuesday, May 9, 2017, at Sanat Gallery will continue until May 18, 2017

Nadia Faisal

KARACHI: Six freshly graduated visual artists kick-start their careers as the latest group show opens at Sanat Gallery this Tuesday evening.

Including recent graduates from the National College of Arts, both Lahore and Rawalpindi, the show curated by critically acclaimed artist Muhammad Zeeshan features the artworks of Amna Rahman, Jazib Jacob, Muzammil Khan, Noshad Ali, Saddam Murad and Salman Khan.

Although all from NCA, the collective works following their respective intentions, however, effortlessly speak of the diverse nature of their background, inspiration as well as aspiration.

A celebration of the apparent spontaneity and compelling individuality of the works by created by each graduate, the exhibition opens to public with the name of ‘Department store’ says the curator unravelling enthusiastically that he came up with it after much contemplation and endless deliberation.  

The title, also metaphorically encapsulates the notion of their departure from academic to professional world as the artists represented in the show have all recently graduated explains the curator Muhammad Zeeshan who has established his success across the globe through his multi-disciplinary practice at a very young age.

Zeeshan, who is recognised as a top tier miniature artist internationally since his graduation from NCA in 2003, is of the opinion that the show marking an important step towards their careers constitutes a beginning and opens a new set of possibilities for both the art as well as the artists.

Whether painting or drawing and irrespective of the technique and medium used, each artist through their practice not only explores an interest which is very personal but stands out with a vocabulary and language that is uniquely his/her own, adds Zeeshan who has rounded the six recent graduates from the same art institute for their first group show teaming up with Sanat for the second time in a row within a few months.

From portraits, figures and architectural paintings to exploration of abstraction through lines, shapes, patterns or textures of vivid kind, each artist distinct and diverse in their expression, Zeeshan describes it as an exciting exhibition worth seeing. The strength of the show lies in their differences according to the curator who firmly believes variety is what holds them together as a cohesive group of artists complementing each other.

"Department Store" opening on Tuesday, May 9, 2017 at Sanat Gallery will continue until May 18, 2017.