Who killed Shumaila — Forensic science turned into art

“Who Killed Shumaila?” will continue at Sanat Gallery till June 1st, 2017

Nadia Faisal

KARACHI: Open to any amount of theorising, the latest showcase curated by artist Samina Islam for Sanat Gallery digs into the nature of unresolved mysteries and our insatiable appetite for them. Ticking the clock of suspense and maintaining it throughout, the show titled “Who Killed Shumaila?” is about a fictional crime perceived by a group of eight artists.

Featuring Affan Baghpati, Feroza Gulzar, Mir Dostak, Mudassir Sheikh, Rabia S. Akhtar, Razin Rubin, Roohi Ahmed and Samina Islam the show is a pure work of individuality where each artist like Sherlock Holmes sets a scene creating their version of crime and victimology based on their imagination and investigative point of view.

Similar to an experienced detective approaching investigation in a methodical way, the artworks on display represent the basic crime solving stages explains the Dutch-born curator who has created a photographic evidence board connected like a web with needlework to maintain her hold over the viewer using mystery as a highly effective narrative device.

From nailing down the timeline, investigative room to retracing the victim’s digital footprint through works of CCTV footage and audio installations, each artist attempts to unravel the clues of this fictional murder using different media in his or her unique way. Free to focus their artistic curiosity within a given theme and gallery space, the works on display are both exciting and unusual says, Islam.

With no outcome and the crime staying unsolved, the show is bound to intrigue and leave the viewer guessing throughout concludes the curator.

Like a mystery choosing to remain unsolved and unresolved, the group show titled “Who Killed Shumaila?” will continue at Sanat Gallery till June 1st, 2017