Pakistani vlogger Momin Saqib talks about the thin line between humour and insult

Aliha Ejaz

KARACHI: Pakistani vloggers Momin Saqib and Bilal Bin Saqib think there is a fine line between humour and insult.

The London-based brothers, who became social media stars after their funny take on Pakistan's defeat against India, say they keep their video content light and funny, but make sure that they do not disrespect or body-shame Pakistani players.

"Neither we ever did a personal attack nor have we ever used offensive language against the players. Insulting anyone is not acceptable," says Momin when asked about the recent heckling of Skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed by a Pakistani fan.

"Yes, you can always point out the flaws in a humorous way but abusing any player is unethical," he adds.

The brothers—whose ‘Burger Khawao’ and ‘Ek dum sy waqt badal diye, jazbat badal diye, zindagi badal di’ clips have trended on social media news feeds—were visiting Karachi when spoke to them on their overnight fame, Pakistan's performance in the World Cup, and if their satirical takes were scripted.

"Dil rou raha hai mera", Pakistani fan Momin Saqib reacts during an interview.

The two first came into the limelight with their 'Dil ro raha hai mera' reaction after Pakistan's win against India in the 2017 Champions Trophy final.

Momin believes he speaks in his 'natural style' whenever he gives interviews or posts videos.

"I don't fake it. I am not inspired by anyone. Whatever I do on camera, it comes naturally," he says. "I am just a random guy who reacts and posts videos on Instagram."

Momin says he has established a reputation as a super crazy fan of the Pakistani cricket team, and is sought-after by journalists during and after matches in England for his humorous reviews. 

Momin Saqib (C) and Bilal Bin Saqib (R) while giving an interview after a match.

Bilal bin Saqib, his brother, is often seen with him during the interviews complimenting his humour. He insists the two aren't vloggers.

"We haven't done any exclusive shoot. It's just us speaking our hearts out and giving the message of love which connects with people," quips Bilal.

The duo, which appeared to be rather upset over Pakistan's earlier back-to-back defeats in the World Cup, now feel that the team is playing as per their potential and the expectations of the fans.

"We can feel the difference in their fitness, mindset and body language," says Momin.

We touched a raw nerve by asking how they felt after Pakistan's crushing defeat against India in the ongoing World Cup. "It was the same as yours…we were upset and couldn't do anything. It’s a game, there’s always a next time."

Momin Saqib's (C) funny reaction after a match.

"We expect our players to play their hearts out and prove their mettle to the world whenever they are on the field to show that Pakistanis are not behind anyone."

He hopes Pakistani cricketers also enjoy the humour in their videos.

"Pakistan cricket team might have seen our videos and enjoyed the drama we created," Momin says with a sheepish smile.