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Saturday Aug 24 2019

Junoon set to rock London

LONDON: Rock signer Ali Azmat has said he is aiming to give a once-in-a-lifetime performance on Sunday 25th August before British Pakistani and Asian fans of the iconic Pakistani band Junoon.

The lead vocalist and musician was speaking to Geo News in an interview here, hours before the much anticipated performance of the band in London's SSE Arena, Wembley, on August 25.

Titled "Junoon – The Comeback Tour," the concert will see the band perform hit songs that catapulted them to worldwide fame. It is presented by Geo Television Network.

Ali Azmat shared that the band will be performing in Britain after more than 12 years and the band members were eager to open their hearts before their fans.

Ali shared that he still has fond memories of the band’s performance when their adoring fans went wild at a London performance.

He said the band has received a massive positive response from the British Pakistani community since the announcement of their London show was made.

“Our fans have responded with love. There is a whole generation that grew up with us and that generation is spread all over the world. Our reunion has been welcomed everywhere. We are here for our Pakistanis to share the love with them and we will not disappoint them,” said Ali Azmat.

He commented that the British Pakistani community is well known for its love for Pakistan. “They retain strong connections with Pakistan while being dynamic members of local society here. They have strong cultural ties to both places which is great.”

Millions of Junoon fans had lamented when the band broke up some 13 years ago as lead band members Ali, Salman and Brian went on to pursue their independent careers. Ali said that it was the cause of Pakistan that united them again.

“The Junoon in us never died. It's like we have been on a vacation for 13 years. The Junoon is always there in us. It’s for Pakistan and we are on,” he said.

Last year, on the birth anniversary of Pakistan's founder, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Junoon — which comprises vocalist Ali Azmat, guitarist Salman Ahmad, bassist Brian O’Connell and others — had reunited and performed in Karachi. They have since performed at many sold-out shows.

Known for songs like "Jazba Junoon,” “Sayonee,” and “Yaar Bina,” the band would also go on an international tour for the first time in 13 years. After London, the band will be performing in the US and Canada.