Meesha backs Rabi Pirzada, condemns leaking of singer's private videos

Meesha comes out in support of Rabi Pirzada

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Popular singer Meesha Shafi came out in support of fellow vocalist Rabi Pirzada on Saturday after her private videos were anonymously leaked on social media.

Taking to Twitter, Meesha said that even though Rabi had accused her of doing a publicity stunt when she had come forth with her accusations against Ali Zafar, she would always raise her voice when a victim is "shamed and humiliated".

"The same women who were accused of speaking up as a publicity stunt by Rabi are defending her unconditionally today. Including myself," Meesha said in her tweet.

"I highly condemn the leaking and sharing of these private videos and will always raise my voice when a victim is being shamed and humiliated," she tweeted.

Private videos and pictures of Rabi Pirzada were anonymously shared on social media and WhatsApp earlier this week.

Human rights activist and lawyer Nighat Dad, who represents Meesha in the defamation case against Ali Zafar, also condemned the leaking of the videos, saying that, according to the Pakistan Electronic Crimes Act, forwarding "nonconsensual intimate images and videos" to others is also a crime.

"Those who are weaponizing nonconsensual intimate images and videos of @Rabipirzada and those who are forwarding them are committing crime under PECA," she explained, urging others to report the perpetrators to the authorities.

"Don't be a silent bystander, report these tweets and do not forward this violence," she tweeted.

Meesha's tweet in support of Rabi comes despite the fact that Rabi had indirectly spoken against the former when she had gone public with her accusations of sexual harassment against Ali Zafar.

"No one has harassed or disrespected me ever, neither in media nor in family. I respect men and they give me respect in return. Sorry ladies, I've no story to share for publicity," Rabi had tweeted.

At an event, Rabi had also claimed that she had never been harassed by men but that some women had harassed her.

Rabi files complaint with FIA

Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada filed a complaint with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Saturday to take action against the persons who leaked her private videos and pictures on social media.

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Rabi approached the cybercrime wing of the FIA to deal with the matter after private videos and pictures of the singer were leaked and anonymously shared on social media and WhatsApp earlier this week.

The FIA confirmed that it had received Rabi Pirzada's complaint. The law enforcement agency said has started an investigation into the case and that it would write a letter to Facebook on Monday, urging the social media website to disclose the details of the person who leaked the private videos on the social media platform.

On Saturday, several users on social media came out in support of the singer.