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Sunday Nov 10 2019
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Saif Ali Khan reveals if he feels jealous of wife Kareena Kapoor when his films fail

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Saif Ali Khan reveals if he feels jealous of wife Kareena Kapoor when his films fail. Photo: Hindustan Times

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan are undoubtedly one of the most sought-after stars in Bollywood but does the couple ever get competitive with each other considering they hail from the same industry?

During a recent interview with Rajeev Masand, the 49-year-old Laal Kaptaan actor was asked if he ever feels even a tinge of jealousy from his superstar wife and her success when his own films fail to make it big.

“No, no, no. I mean I think we’re far too realistic for that kind of thing. One understands that but no we aren’t as know things change, things go up and down and things happen,” he said.

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“At one point in time somebody is more successful than the other and the other time both people are having a great time. But I have never measured life in those terms. In fact the success of my life has got nothing to do with box office. It’s to do precisely what’s happening at home,” he added.

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“I imagine there might be pressure if you are not working and if your are not contributing and if you kind of just, you know, lazing around, being jobless. I mean that would be I can imagine a little embarrassing and a little irritating to the partner as well,” he said.

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“But any good thing if you’re doing better than me...I mean I do live with such a glamourous and successful movie star and it never, never...maybe it’s her greatness as a person that it never really feels like a competition, which of course it isn’t. And maybe I can say that she is a bit younger so.... (laughs) I don’t know whatever games we play to feel better. But yeah, I don’t compete or feel bad about that, ever,” he continued.

The couple have been married since the past seven years and have a two-year-old son Taimur together.