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Tuesday Dec 03 2019
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Dwayne Johnson dedicates emotional post to his other ‘wife’ Kevin Hart

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Dwayne Johnson dedicates emotional post to his other ‘wife’ Kevin Hart

Dwayne The Rock Johnson took to his Facebook earlier to post an equally hilarious and emotional tribute to his other ‘wife’ Kevin Hart after his car crash at Mulholland Highway.

The Rock shared a seven-minute-long tribute for his close friend and it was in equal parts hilarious and emotional. During an interview at the global press tour for a Jumanji live action in Mexico, the duo touched on the accident and how it has impacted Kevin’s mindset on life.

He stated that he felt his heart stop beating when he received the shattering news but is now extremely proud of Kevin for all the odds he defied and all the work he put into his recovery. Both the actors commented on how this incident changed the significance of the bond they share.

The Rock captioned his post, saying "7min of my “other marriage.” Me and Kevin Hart always have THE. BEST. time and love giving each other “the business” all day long. But this past year we realized just how fragile life is - it can all be taken away in an instant. Gone."

"And the most important things in life, are the ones that are always right in front of us. Family. Friends. Life itself. Love you man. Nothing but love and respect for you, you son of a b----. See you in Europe. The tour continues.. #Jumanji #TheNextLevel #GlobalPressTour."

Check out the movie trailer below

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