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Sunday Mar 22 2020
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Asim Azhar finds a 'medicine' for coronavirus: Check out

Web Desk
Asim Azhar finds a medicine for Coronavirus: Check Out

Appreciating Karachiites for playing their part in the lockdown, singer-actor Asim Azhar has called staying home a 'medicine' for coronavirus.

“Guys just received this news—the medicine for #covid-19 has been found, it’s called ‘Stay Home'!!!!! Plz forward and safe a life,” he said.

The singer took Instagram and shared a photo of Karachi’s main thoroughfare –- Shahrah-e-Faisal -- where one can witness thin traffic after the Sindh government announced three-day lockdown in the city.

Asim Azhar wrote, “So I just stepped out with my mother to go to the doctor and this is what I see. This is Karachi—main Shahrah-e-Faisal on Saturday evening. Honestly much better than what is was expecting—have never seen this before. Shahbash Karachi.”

“We are on the right path, but must continue to do more in order to maintain social distancing to set an example for each other to follow. We have examples from rest of the world who had their chance but blew it. We have our chance now. It still isn’t late. Please stay at home, if not for yourself, for your family’s sake.”

In a separate Instagram story, Asim called staying home a medicine for coronavirus.