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Monday Apr 27 2020
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Royal family saw Princess Diana as ‘mentally imbalanced’ and ‘unstable’

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Princess Diana had revealed how the family has been negatively labeling her 

Princess Diana's life had been filled with turmoil and heartbreaks after she entered the royal family and in spite of the massive amount of admirers she had, the royal family had been clinging on to negative perceptions about her. 

The Princess of Wales had spoken about her royal life being no piece of cake during an old interview, claiming the royal family had ‘mentally imbalanced and unstable.’

During her 1995 interview with Martin Bashir, the late mother of two detailed what her life had been like in the royal family. And while the public had an idea about things falling apart between her and Prince Charles, they were largely unaware of the rest of the members having negative perceptions of her.

Diana, suffering from postpartum depression at the time, had revealed how the family has been negatively labeling her because of that.

“What effect did the depression have on your marriage?” asked Bashir.

“Well it gave everybody a wonderful new label. It’s ‘Diana’s unstable’ and ‘Diana’s mentally imbalanced,’ and unfortunately that seems to have stuck on and off through the years,” she responded.

Following that interview, royal experts came forth analyzing the situation and claiming that had been a way for her to give herself a voice – something she wasn’t allowed to have.

People’s senior editor Michelle Tauber said: “The no. 1 rule is what happens in the royal family stays in the royal family. Diana didn’t concede that. Diana felt that she should be allowed to have a voice… She felt unfairly maligned.”