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Thursday May 28 2020
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Ellen DeGeneres' controversial interview with Taylor Swift resurfaces

Web Desk

Ellen DeGeneres' most contentious interviews with showbiz stars have resurfaced after the US talk show host came under fire for her recent show with Mariah Carey, forcing her to reveal her pregnancy weeks before she suffered a miscarriage.

After that harsh talks, the focus shifted to the 62-year-old host's controversial 2012 interview with Taylor Swift, in which Ellen badgered her into talking about her love life when the singer clearly and repeatedly told her she felt uncomfortable.

Ellen, in that interview, asked the singer: "Which song on the new album is about Zac Efron?"

Taylor replied by insisting they had not dated and Ellen responded by saying "Ok" and spinning her finger in a circle by her head to imply the star is crazy.

After Taylor declined to talk about her exes, Ellen insisted on playing a game in which she flashed all of her rumours former lovers up on a big screen.

The singer was horrified and almost broke into tears as she repeatedly insisted: "I don't want to, I don't want to, please stop."