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Sunday Sep 27 2020
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'The Suicide Squad' actor Sean Gunn talks about Weasel's 'nasty' scene from BTS clip

Web Desk

Sean Gunn has more than proven his wits as an actor, well as a true blue Weasel with his role in the hit movie The Suicide Squad. Whether its channeling his inner animal or licking rather—dirty surfaces, Sean shows an actor can do it all, for art.

After a behind-the-scenes clip from the filming process was released at FanDome fans got their first ever look at characters, costumes and all.

It was there, during a second-long moment where Weasel fans saw their favorite rodent lick a window, in what appears to be a penitentiary.

Touching on this moment, Gunn admitted the situation was rather ‘amusing’ and might even have been fueled by a bit of sibling rivalry.

During his interview with The Movie Dweeb Gunn was quoted saying, “I haven’t admitted this before, but I licked that glass, just so you know. I licked that glass and we have video footage of that happening.”

"It was funny, they kept saying, ‘We’re really gonna clean this window, very, very well.’ To which I responded, ‘Yeah, I hope so!’ It never occurred to me before that you’re just going to let me lick it with dirt and smudge all over it [laughs]."

During the course of his interview, the actor also went on to say, "I’m sure my brother is very anxious, I’m sure he’s salivating at the idea to get me to lick a floor in a subsequent movie. He’s the older brother, I think that’s sort of what he thinks I live for, is to do what he tells me to do."