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Wednesday Mar 03 2021
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Eminem reveals interesting 'watch story' in throwback video

Web Desk

Eminem fans are circulating a throwback video of the rapper's interview in which he had shared an interesting story about buying a watch and expressed his views about spending money.

In the interview when host asks him "Do you like spending money?" the Detroit rapper answers in negative, saying " Not particularly".

The host then says, "I heard a story you wanted to buy a watch and called your manager to see if you could afford the watch".

Recalling his conversation with his manager, Em says, "Yeah. I think it was a Rolex. And I asked him could I afford it. They make fun of me for it but I am for real like... This whole money thing and all that stuff was brand new to me."

The host then jokingly says, "You have given hiphop a bad name here. You need to step it up. Few diamonds....". 

Cutting him short, "The Lose Yourself" rapper says with a grin , "Hey Listen. I said I bought a Rolex. Right, that's not a cheap watch. I still have that Rolex. I don't wear it because I don't want to get a scratch on it."

And when the anchor asks "what are you wearing now?", Marshall Mathers reveals, "This is a G-shock. It's price is around 100 dollars."