Tuesday Apr 06 2021
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Billie Eilish helps mother Maggie Baird to provide vegan food to homeless

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When American pop superstar Billie Eilish is not doing her music, the singer gets her self busy with some humanitarian cause. The same she did on March 29 along with her mother Maggie Baird.

The award-winning singer enthusiastically advocates plant-based eating while giving her mother a helping hand in her charitable organization Support + Feed.

The singer, teaming up with her mother, got together with other fellow vegans Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara to provide vegan food to My Friend’s Place, a non-profit dedicated to helping homeless youth.

The charitable organization was launched to help people cope with their daily meals necessities during the COVID-19 response effort. However, one year into the humanitarian efforts, the Support + Feed marked its first anniversary.

The mother-daughter duo is also assisted by Patrick O’Connell who is Billie Eilish's father. The charity run by the three provides vegan meals from vegan burger restaurant Monty’s Good Burger, which has operations in four locations around the Los Angeles and Riverside area.

The charity also raises awareness about food insecurity - a prime mission of the charity led by Billie Eilish's mother. “Giving to those in need is built into the foundation of Monty’. Partnering with S+F has allowed us to deliver plant-based meals to individuals and families in the most underserved communities,” said the co-founder of Monty’s Good Burger Nic Adler.

Baird thanked Variety for covering the event. She posted a screenshot of the magazine's story about the event.

“It’s incredible to believe that what we started as a COVID crisis response to help people experiencing food insecurity by purchasing meals from small plant-based restaurants, has grown to be a real movement,” Baird said.

Baird also posted a nearly one-hour long video to her Instagram account. 

The continued effort by Eilish and Baird helped draw the world's attention to the people facing severe food crises. The duo also spearheads the cause to increase awareness about the innumerable benefits of a plant-based diet.

“What we imagined as a few months worth of effort became a year of full-time volunteering for so many and now, as we have seen the pact that receiving this nourishing, delicious food has had for people and also knowing that every plant-based meal we serve has a positive impact on climate change, we are more committed than ever,” said Billie Eilish and her mother. 

The singer's mother thanked everyone for taking part in the campaign.