Wednesday Dec 08 2021
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Kim Kardashian gives surprising nickname to her mum's boyfriend Corey Gamble

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Kim Kardashian gives surprising nickname to her mums boyfriend Corey Gamble

Corey Gamble, who remained in news for complicated relationship with his girlfriend Kris Jenner's family over the years, has been given a interesting nick name by Kim Kardashian.

But, now it seems things have settled between the Kar-Jenners and Corey after Kim revealed she has a nickname for him, and it's pretty surprising.

The 41-year-old reality star recently shared a photo to Instagram showing her posing alongside Corey, who is seen in black silk trousers and shirt. 

Kim meanwhile is wearing the flourescent pink Balenciaga bodysuit she was pictured in around the time of her Saturday Night Live appearance (you know, the one where she called Corey a gold digger).

In the caption the Skims founder revealed the nickname she has for her mum's boyfriend, writing, "My dawg the gambler."

The post attracted massive response from fans as few commented on how nice it was to see a picture of the two of them. Some fans calling the snap "cute" and referenced the time Kim called Corey her "stepdad" in a birthday tribute earlier this month.