Thursday Jan 13 2022
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Prince William, Prince Charles 'incredibly angry' at Prince Andrew over sex abuse case

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Prince William and Prince Charles are said to be "incredibly angry" over Prince Andrew’s prospect to face a civil case over the sexual abuse allegations levied by Virginia Giuffre.

This comes after a US judge quashed his attempt to get the case thrown out of court.

According to royal commentator Angela Levin, the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Wales now believe that Prince Andrew "can’t win" the public anymore which is very important as a royal.

She told Sky News: "I think that Prince Charles and Prince William will both be incredibly angry with him."

"They've been angry already but the fact that his case has been thrown out means that actually, he can't win in any way really, and certainly not in the public opinion which is very important to the royals at the moment.

"Because there's all this dodginess with him and dodginess with Prince Harry and Prince Harry's book, a memoir, will be coming out at the same time, and would no doubt attack the royal family.

"Because it's all going to be about Dianna and his getting millions for it, so there will be attacks there.

"So there's, it's very, very difficult for them to do their duty I imagine," she added.