Monday Jun 20 2022
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Amy Schumer speaks on stand-up persona: ‘I love playing a monster’

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Amy Schumer recently reveals that her persona as a stand-up comedian has gradually changed because of the “ongoing political climate change”.

During roundtable talk for the Hollywood Reporter, the Life & Beth actress discussed about her “onstage persona versus the person you actually are”.

“It definitely used to be a person, and it feels really good to be closer to me,” she said.

Amy went on to add, “I love playing a monster, just like the worst white woman, but I’m getting further and further away from that in my act.”

The Train Wreck star explained that the change “happened gradually” after seeing the impact of jokes on her audience.

“I see the harm in joking about things that are harmful and taking on more responsibility and not just trying to sneak into this boys club,” she mentioned.

Amy recalled when she was “called out” for her previous joke mocking Hispanic men in 2015.

“I played a dumb white girl onstage. I still do sometimes. Once I realised I had more eyes and ears on me and had an influence, I stopped telling jokes like that onstage,” she added.