'Twisted' Johnny Depp, Amber Heard case slammed over ‘cherry-picking’ accusations

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard accused of ‘cherry picking’ a ‘distorted and twisted’ view of the defamation case

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Twisted Johnny Depp, Amber Heard case slammed over ‘cherry-picking’ accusations
'Twisted' Johnny Depp, Amber Heard case slammed over ‘cherry-picking’ accusations

New insight into the ‘distorted and twisted’ Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation case has taken the internet by storm.

This accusation against mainstream media has been brought to light by Washington-based attorney Andrea Burkhart.

Burkhart is one of the very first people to reach out to the Fairfax County Circuit Court to have court papers unsealed.

According to Insider, she brands herself a “legal colour commentator” and blasts the media for being ‘unreliable’ in the trial.

Burkhart even offered a statement to address the entire issue and claimed, “Having followed this trial for more than two years, my appreciation for the importance of direct access to court records has grown because prestige media outlets have proven unable or unwilling to accurately and fairly report on the proceedings.”

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“Recent wildly inaccurate coverage about these unsealed documents reaffirms the importance of making these materials publicly available so that everyone can evaluate the contents themselves.”

Burkhart also accused mainstream media of ‘cherry picking and ‘misinterpreting’ information from the unsealed documents.

“The funny thing in all of this is that the bottom line has really not changed. The things that were significant in the trial have not been undermined in the least,” she added.

“It's sort of like a sociological observation seeing how these things can be so distorted and so twisted and so imagine if all we had were the mainstream media telling us what was going on with this stuff.”