Tuesday Aug 09 2022
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BTS's Jin pulls fellow member Suga's leg over looking 'skinny'

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BTSs Jin pulled Sugas leg in the comments section of the rappers recent Instagram post
BTS's Jin pulled Suga's leg in the comments section of the rapper's recent Instagram post

BTS members always give off familial vibes and a recent online interaction between members Suga and Jin proved just that to fans!

Nowadays BTS's Jin is gaining a lot of attention with his attendance in movie premieres but recently he took a notch higher with his 'dad aura' in his hilarious interaction with another BTS member, Suga, on Instagram.

Recently, Suga shared on Instagram that he was taking some time out and enjoying some free time. In particular, he shared some images showing that he was going around and visiting some of his old schools, reported Koreaboo.

Out of all BTS's members, it was Jin who commented on one of Min Yoongi aka Suga's pictures.

Jin wrote, "Why are you so skinny? I’ve transferred you some pocket money [into your bank.] Buy yourself a meal."

Suga then commented that he had checked his bank account but he hadn’t actually received any money.

Jin then replied with a simple, “I’m sorry.”

Fans were awestruck by this silly interaction between BTS's oldest members and wrote that Jin sounds like Suga's 'daddy' here.