Britney Spears prays her father burns in ‘hell’ for abusing her during conservatorship

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Britney Spears revealed that she pray that her father Jamie Spears burns in hell for treating her “less than a dog” during her 13-year long conservatorship.

The Hold Me Closer hit-maker penned a long note as she hurled several accusations against her parents in a since deleted Instagram post.

The Princess of Pop even claimed that her father used to call her fat and compared the singer's body to her boyfriend's making her develop body image issues.

“Wonder what the SECRET IS ??? WHAT Y’ALL BE HIDING??? Come on wise father you wanna sit me down for four months expose my body to nurses while showering me like a (expletive) dog!!!” she captioned a series of her throwback snaps.

“Why did you and the family go along with it and treat me like a (expletive) dog??? WHAT MAKES YOU SO GODDAMN SPECIAL??? WHAT MAKES YOUR OTHER DAUGHTERS SO GODDAMN SPECIAL THAT YOU TREATED ME LESS THAN A (expletive) DOG???” she added.

Britney went on to say that she pray “every morning” and “every night” that her father “get just 5 minutes of the pain” she went through while adding, “I pray you burn in hell you sorry son of a (expletive)!!!.”

The singer further detailed her father’s abuse in separate notes, writing, “My dad always told me I was fat so I never felt pretty or good enough and I think the thing that made me feel the ugliest was the fear in being scared of what he would do, I looked uneasy.”

“He was never a father to me because he was always drunk !!!” Britney continued. “The reason I’m talking about this is because I know I try to present myself as being perfect and pretty … but it’s because I know what it feels like to feel ugly and scared!!! To be told ‘THERE IS NO LOOKING AT THAT FACE OF YOURS.'”

“HE WOULD GO LOW !!! He was the lowest,” she mentioned as she recalled how Jamie would compare her body to that of her boyfriend’s “perfect” physique, telling her that she need to “work” on herself because she “wasn’t fit.”

“WHAT FATHER TELLS HIS DAUGHTER THAT HER BOYFRIEND HAS A PERFECT BODY ??? And I have a lot of work to do ???” wrote Britney before she concluded her message by encouraging women to “FEEL BEAUTIFUL TODAY !!!”