Monday, October 31, 2022
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Kate Middleton ‘rescued’ Prince William from flirty woman

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Kate Middleton reportedly once rescued Prince William from a particularly flirty woman who wouldn’t leave him alone at a party, all the way back when Kate and Will were just friends at university!

While Kate and Prince William have now been married for over a decade with three kids, there was a time when they were just friends before starting dating, and according to a friend of theirs, Kate already had ways to keep other women away from her prince.

As per Express UK, royal expert Katie Nicholl recently talked to Laura Warshauer, Kate and William’s university pal, who told her, “Prince William was getting really hit on by this girl at a party and it was getting quite uncomfortable because he couldn't shake her off.”

She continued, “He was being really polite, but this girl just didn't get the hint. All of a sudden, Kate came up behind him and put her arms around him. He said: 'Oh, sorry, but I've got a girlfriend', and he and Kate went off giggling.”

Prince William then allegedly told Kate, “Thanks so much!” with Laura adding that the incident was just about a month into university for the three of them.

Kate and Prince William went on to steadily date each other through out university, briefly breaking up before finally tying the knot in 2011.